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Why Buy from Us? is powered by a market leading ISP with experience and expertise in providing connectivity solutions to businesses across the UK. This means that not only can you compare leased line prices from all the major operators, but you can also buy from a trusted source.

Many other leased line comparison websites purely resell services onto you and do not have the commercial, project or support processes and teams in place to offer their own products or services. We’re different. We manage over 100 leased line & MPLS projects at any one time and offer high-quality advice on your leased line or Ethernet requirements through our consultants and pre-sales service.

Our after-service also ensures you are given dedicated account management and customer service to ensure the smooth delivery of your leased line. This is not something you will generally get from most of the other comparison resellers or from the major operators directly.

What do you get with our leased lines?

We are recognised for providing one of the most comprehensive leased line packages in the industry. The price you see is the price you pay (subject to survey) and includes everything you need to get your new internet leased line connection up and running.

Businesses depend on their connectivity for much more than internet access and email – instead, their internet leased line to run VoIP, Video Conferencing and VPN’s as well as accessing cloud services such as CRM, ERP and databases. Businesses today want “cloud-ready” internet leased lines. This is exactly what we provide, without any extra cost!

Our cloud-ready leased lines include:

FREE installation – with up to £5000 of Excess Construction Charges (ECC’s) covered by us

FREE managed router – proactive & monitored 24/7 & is included on 1Gb services

FREE network tools to see the reliability and usage of your internet connection

FREE optimisation – Fastest access to any of the “out of the box” optimised Ethernet cloud apps such as Salesforce, Amazon, Microsoft, Akamai, Janet amongst 100’s of other cloud applications

ADSL backup – to ensure resiliency on your service we include pricing for an ADSL backup line with each quote

Industry leading SLA – 1-day credit for each 1-hrs downtime

Best Price Guarantee – We guarantee to provide you with the best price or we will give you the difference back*

*Based on a like for like service