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What is an Internet Leased Line?

An internet leased line is a premium internet connectivity product, delivered over fibre normally, which is dedicated and provides uncontended (you don’t share with any other business/user), symmetrical (same download and upload) speeds. It is also known as an Ethernet leased line, leased line, DIA leased line, data circuit or private leased line circuit.

What Speed of Internet Leased Lines is Available?

An internet leased line is uncontended which means you are the only business who can use the line, unlike broadband which commonly is contended, so you inevitably share your speed with other businesses around your geographical location. Internet leased lines offer very flexible speeds starting at 1mbps up to 1000Mbps. Most common leased line speeds are 10mbps, 20mbps, 30mbps, 50mbps, 100mbps, 250mbps, 500mbps and 1Gbps.

What Type of Internet Leased Lines are Available?

There are many types of internet leased lines available today. A real leased line is delivered over Ethernet, which is a common networking protocol we are all used to normally seeing in an office environment. It is that cable type that goes from your computer to the wall socket. Internet leased lines has evolved over the years, with the most common leased line type being Fibre Optic. Today we also have copper based Internet leased lines such GEA and EFM which are cost effective leased lines designed for businesses.

What can I use my internet leased line for?

An internet leased line gives a business the flexibility, guarantee and reliability to run practically any cloud based application across the internet leased line connection. It is common for a business to run general data such as email and web across it, but now more commonly many businesses run VoIP, video, CRM, ERP and a plethora of other IP services reliably across an internet leased line.